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Business Insurance - What Does It Cover?

Many of the physical, legal, compliance and financial risks facing a business can be covered by an appropriate insurance policy. However, trying to make the right business insurance decisions can also be time consuming, given the wide range of policies available and the involved business insurance terminology associated with the various covers.

Austral’s business insurance brokers have the expertise to assist you with selection of the business insurance package which best fits the needs and exposures of your business. There are many business packages available which provide protection for such things as:

Business Risk

Every small to medium size business has to deal with a particular set of risks specific to the business. These risks are unique and can be quite different to any other business, even those businesses that are operating in direct competition.

Understanding and identifying these risks is the key to protecting your business.

Not all business risk can be insured

Identifying risks to the business can be time consuming and sometimes, quite worrying. Here are some of the more obvious ones to consider.

What would happen if the following happened to your business?

  • Your premises or stock were damaged.
  • A key employee leaves.
  • A customer slips and suffers a serious injury.
  • You lose a key supplier or your largest customer.

For some businesses, just one of these business risks would be catastrophic.

At Austral, we can assist you with the identification of risks facing your business, advise on the business insurance which can help mitigate your risk, and provide useful advice on identifying those risks which are not insurable.

It’s very important to understand that many risks cannot be covered by an insurance policy. Sound risk management practices will help mitigate these risks.

How we can help?

Austral specialises in providing small to medium enterprises with the business insurance cover that is most appropriate to your business exposures in a timely and cost effective manner. Our people are experienced insurance professionals and risk advisors.

We are a trusted advisor to thousands of SME businesses in Perth and Western Australia. We specialise in helping businesses in agribusiness insurance, building and construction insurance and transport insuranceAnd when it’s time to make an insurance claim, we’re immediately there to help you with that as well.


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