Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance

Our insurance advisors will help you have the right liability insurance in place.


As your business grows, the people involved in growing and managing it are exposed to risks.
Liability risk cover protects the company, its people and its products or services against legal claims.

Directors and officers, senior management and all the individuals must have adequate protection. Equally, the products and services you provide need to be insured. Litigation may occur when you least expect it.

Austral will work with you to identify your risk exposures in these areas and help you proactively manage liability risk in your business with the right business insurance.

Association (NFP)

Not-for-profit organisations and their office bearers and employees are exposed to a variety of risks arising from their work.

Association Liability Insurance incorporates elements of professional indemnity cover and management liability cover to protect the organisation, office bearers and employees against legal costs and damages expenses that could arise from allegations of misconduct, breach of duty, mismanagement and more.


Construction is complex and costly. You must be confident you have the right insurances in places to ensure the project can run on time and on budget, no matter what happens.

Construction liability will cover loss, destruction or damage to a construction site. It can cover all materials destined for use there. It also ensures the people working on your site are protected.

Austral understands each construction project has unique challenges. Speak to one of our team to get expert advice (and peace of mind) for your next project.

Cyber Risk

Cyber attacks are a real threat to any company. Our reliance on the Internet, the complexity of our IT systems, cloud technology and personal electronic devices at work and social media, all offer real threats to your business and the security of your data.

Austral Risk Services will work with you to safeguard your company in a number of ways.

We will develop risk management and education programs for your team about external and internal cyber risk, its implications and how to manage it. We will also review and recommend suitable specialist business insurance products designed specifically for these threats.

Click here for more comprehensive information about managing cyber risk in your organisation.

Directors and Officers

Directors’ and Officers’ liability insurance protects against legal expenses incurred on behalf of directors, employees and organisations in defending against actions which are not covered under the standard Directors & Officers Liability/Company Reimbursement policy. This could include prosecutions related to Occupation Health & Safety (OH&S), Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and some employment related matters such as harassment, discrimination or wrongful termination.

Employment Practices

People are the lifeblood of all businesses but managing them can be difficult. Employment practices liability is critical for those times when things go wrong. Wrongful termination, a demotion, disciplinary action and sexual harassment are just some examples which can end up with a lawsuit.

You must be sure you minimise employment risks for your business and put the right protection in place.

Management Liability

Management liability insurance protects directors, officers and your business from a broad range of risk exposures relating to the management of a private company, partnership, sole trader or not for profit organisation.

Anyone who is involved in the management of a business takes on responsibilities that may leave them personally liable for alleged or actual mistakes. There are myriads of examples where the business may be tested.

Management liability includes:

  • Directors' and Officers' Liability – Covering wrongful acts by the business and directors and officers.
  • Employment Practices Liability – Covering wrongful employment practice claims made against a business.
  • Statutory liability – Covering any errors or omissions made by a business for not meeting specific business, employment or industry statutory requirements.
  • Company liability – Covering defence costs and settlements made by third parties against the business.

Austral will guide you through the risks your business faces and assist in determining the right management liability insurance you need.

Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity insurance is a form of cover that is specially designed for businesses and individuals who provide professional services to their clients. Errors can be costly. The loss does not have to be strictly monetary but could be material, physical or financial.

If someone initiates a lawsuit against you claiming you have breached your professional duty you could find yourself having to fight an expensive and protracted legal battle.

Austral’s professional and experienced team can help you make the right decisions.

Public and Products

Public and products liability is a broad insurance cover, critical for every business entity.

Broadly speaking, public and products liability insurance covers a company’s legal liability to pay compensation to a third party or parties in the event of the company causing injury, death or loss of or damage to property arising out of business operations or products.

Understanding your risk exposure is critical in getting this right. To determine the best level of Public and Products Liability cover for your company, speak with Austral.

Workers’ Compensation (Common Law)

Businesses are about people. And protecting the people working in your business is a given. Workers’ Compensation is a complex area and is one where Austral excels. We have saved the businesses we work with from greater risk exposure and also saved them costs for protection.

Austral will advise you on what you need to know and do. Please click here for more comprehensive information on Workers’ Compensation.