Public and Products Liability

Public and Products Liability

Public and Products Liability insurance is a non negotiable for protecting your business.

What is public and products liability insurance?

In the every day management of business, there are certain unforgiving requirements around your duty of care to people and their property.

If you or your employees or contractors, or anyone for whom you are responsible, causes injury to a third party (be it a customer, or member of the public) or damages their property, through negligence or failure to take sufficient care, you will be required under the law to pay damages to the part(ies) affected by your negligent act or oversight.

Duty of care is a complex area and is not easy to explain but in simplistic terms, it is the standard of care that a reasonable person should take in the activities of running the business.

Much of the duty of care is imposed by laws and regulations. There are many requirements imposed by Federal, State and Local Government which result in statutory liabilities if not complied with.

Many public and product liability disputes arise from contractual issues. Every contract imposes responsibilities on one or all of the parties to the contract, many of which may not be insured under a standard liability insurance policy.

These responsibilities extend to products which you manufacture, sell or supply through your business. Your product may appear quite safe but if anything does go wrong, you may be in the position of having to spend a considerable amount on legal costs to defend yourself.

How we can help?

Public and Products Liability insurance is a non negotiable for protecting your business.

Austral Risk Services has the expertise to ensure that your business, you, your employees and anyone named on your policy who has an interest in your business are protected under a broad form liability insurance policy specific to your needs.

Austral will ensure that your cover meets your business requirements and protects against your legal liability to pay compensation for injury or damage, including loss of use of property and legal and claims investigation costs in your defence of the claim.

This is where good advice from an experienced business insurance broker is essential. Speak with us today about your public and product liability insurance.