Property and Asset Insurance

Property and Asset Insurance

Protect your business property and assets with the right business insurance.


Protecting business assets is paramount.

In recent times, these property and business assets have become increasingly complex to manage and cover. New technologies, natural disasters, increasingly sophisticated thefts and the increasing cost of assets are just some of the considerations for the insurance of your commercial properties and assets.

Austral will help you identify your risk exposures, develop risk mitigation strategies, and then ensure you have competitive premiums and and policy terms for your property insurance.

Business Insurance Packs

A business pack bundles the business insurance requirements of SME’s. It can be a useful and cost effective way to insure your business and will cover your assets and liabilities in one policy. This would typically include:

  • Business Property
  • Theft
  • Business Interruption
  • Liability

Our  highly experienced SME brokers are passionate about working with smaller businesses. They will take the time to listen and understand your unique business needs to ensure you have the right business insurance in place. Please review our business insurance testimonials to hear from other business owners about their experience with Austral.


Protection of assets such as aircraft is very specific. Insurance cover for loss or damage to the craft is critical. It’s also vital to cover any loss or damage that may occur to others as a result of operating your aircraft.

Specific insurances are required for the many types of businesses that operate commercial aircraft such as tourism, surveying, farming and mining.

Speak to our Austral team to secure the right insurance cover for your operations.


Construction of a building or asset is complex and can attract many risks. Knowing that your asset is properly protected during every stage of construction and maintenance  is paramount.

Austral works with many building and construction businesses, large and small, to protect them in during each stage of a project. Determine what is the correct cover for your next construction project with one of our experienced Austral team. Read more about our construction insurance offering here.


Although we can’t help with the rainfall, we can reduce some of the stress and worry for farming and growing with cover for loss or damage to your crops as a result of things such as storms, hail and fire.

Talk to Austral about the crop cover that is right for you.

Farm Insurance and Agriculture Packs

Austral has been providing quality advice to small and large businesses in farming for many years.

We have 25 years’ experience working with farmers, horticulturists, viticulturists and hobby farmers. Our team works hard to understand the variety of risks and issues that affect your business and how best to manage this from an insurance perspective.

Farm packs can be an efficient way to buy insurance for your business. It can cover:

  • Domestic Property
  • Farm Property
  • Farm Machinery
  • Vehicles
  • Fencing and Trees
  • Stock and Working Dogs
  • Grain and Hay
  • Theft
  • Personal Income
  • Business Interruption
  • Liability

Talk to Austral about the right business insurance cover for your farming operations.

General Property Insurance

Austral will advise extra cover for your business that will cover damage or loss to specified property that is not covered in your property policy.

Laptops, tablets, mobile phones and tools are all good examples of property that when lost, damaged or stolen, may become a considerable expense to a company with many employees.

Identifying and correctly managing these items and obtaining the right business  insurance cover is important to guard against unnecessary costs.

We work with you to identify your general property requirements and are here to help. Speak to Austral.

Industrial Special Risks (ISR)

This embracive policy typically protects the insured against losses involving assets and business interruption arising from physical loss or damage to the property used in the business. This type of insurance is generally for business with a larger asset base i.e. a company with a few locations and assets over $5million. for more information click industrial special risk.

Talk to Austral about how this would apply in your business.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Sudden and unforeseen mechanical or electrical breakdown of plant and machinery can mean millions of dollars lost.

No matter what your industry, machinery breakdown needs to be protected against so that any business interruption and consequential loss does not leave a massive hole in your balance sheet.
Understand machinery breakdown risks in your business. We’re here to help.

Marine Insurance

For all your commercial marine insurance, Austral has you covered.

Loss of ships and loss of goods in transit are a few examples of marine insurance cover - and not just at sea. Do you know your responsibilities as a shipper, ship owner, charterer, consignee or contractor?
Let Austral guide you on the right type of marine insurance cover for your business.

Mobile Plant

If your business has considerable investment in plant that is mobile, you will need specialised mobile plant insurance. Specialist trucks, bulldozers, mobile crushers and cranes are just a few examples of highly expensive mobile plant.

Austral will help illuminate the risks that surround your mobile plant – some more obvious than others. Once identified, we work with you to protect these critical assets.

Speak to Austral’s business team about your mobile plant risk and insurance.

Motor Vehicles

Austral is a specialist in all transport insurance.

Understanding the needs and requirements of your vehicle fleet, we can offer comprehensive and competitive insurance solutions and advice to keep your vehicles on the road and your employees happy. Talk to us about comprehensive cover, third party cover and more.

Speak to one of our specialist advisors today.

Office Insurance

Office insurance bundles the insurance requirements of an SME business operating in an office environment only. This can be an option to cover your assets and liabilities in one policy and would include:

  • Business Property
  • Theft
  • Business Interruption
  • Liability

This could be a perfect solution for your business.