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Planning an event can be a daunting task - we're here to help.

Events come in many forms for businesses and organisations – you could be arranging an annual client Christmas party, a conference or a concert. Whatever your event, it’s really important to understand your risks and have some measures in place to protect you when things go wrong.

For example, one of the biggest risks you face is a claim where you are legally liable for damages caused to a third party. Many venues, sponsors and councils are demanding evidence of a risk management plan and $10 million or $20 million public liability insurance before an event can be approved.

Know your risks

During the planning phase for an event, it is essential that the potential risks be considered – many of which unfortunately cannot be insured. By identifying these risks, especially those which might have a significant impact, you are then able to develop strategies that can reduce both the likelihood and impact of the risk occurring. This approach also allows you to prepare a response in the case of an emergency arising.

Austral Risk Services can provide professional support with a team experienced in event risk management to assist you in any aspect of event risk planning and management, or to provide an independent audit of risk plans already in place.

Risk assessment >

If you’re running an event, our experienced team can provide expert knowhow and advice on the risks you will need to manage. For more about our risk services, click here.

Professional indemnity for professional services >

If you are offering your professional services to the event industry, we highly recommend you ask us for a quote for professional indemnity insurance. If you are unsure of whether the type of work you perform would be covered under this type of insurance, please call or email us to get advice. We are always happy to help.

Prize Indemnity >

Have you ever wondered how a small organisation can afford to offer a car or holiday as a hole in one prize at a golf day? Or how any high value prize is offered in a competition where there is no guarantee of a winner? Prize Indemnity Insurance or Hole in One insurance gives you ability to offer an amazing prize for a relative small premium. Ask us how.

Cancellation Cover >

Investing in any event costs money. When a substantial financial commitment is made, it’s important to know that you can recoup the costs if required.

How would a dangerous thunderstorm affect your event? What happens if someone hurts themselves at your event? There are so many variables in running your event.

Austral Risk Services offer Event Cancellation Insurance which can include a wide variety of conditions subject to the type of event you are having. It can significantly reduce the stress of your event – a huge relief if events happen which are beyond your control.

For a comprehensive listing of all the business insurance we offer, please click here.

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