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If you run a retail or wholesale SME business, you will be more than aware of the myriad of risks you face.

Staffing, property rent, stock control, pricing, consumer sentiment, the Australian dollar, online sales – we know you’ve got your work cut out for you.

Austral Risk services can help you build resilience into your business by giving you a true understanding of these risks. Armed with this knowledge, you may work to minimise the risks that are uninsurable and insure the risks that you can insure for. In this way, you can place your business in a position of strength.

Here are some of the common risk management services and insurances we cover for retailers and wholesalers.

Risk assessment
Risk management plan
Property insurance
Trade credit insurance
Workers’ Compensation

Speak to Austral today about your individual needs for your retail or wholesale business. We’re here to listen, understand and provide you with the right advice.

Following is a list of all the business insurance we offer.

Risk Management
Liability Risks 
People Risks
Property/Asset Risks
Revenue Risks

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