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Financial Risks

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Financial risk comes in a variety of forms. Cyber risk, increased litigation, statutory requirements and uncertainty in global markets, place increased pressure on companies to be vigilant in their operations or become vulnerable to financial loss.

To understand the full range of financial risks that your company faces, and to put in place sound strategies and protection, speak with us today.

Business Interruption >

When your business experiences damage or loss such as fire or natural disaster, unfortunately the world doesn’t stop. You still need to be able to cover your continuing or fixed business costs.

The right business interruption cover will take the pressure off until you can get your business back on its feet. Austral can assess your risk tolerance with you and guide you on the right insurance cover for your business.

Crime >

Petty theft and crime can add up in your company. For example, misuse of petrol cards or theft of ‘on the job’ tools can cost businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on their size. Reducing these risks is paramount. However not all theft and crime can be stopped.

Austral’s team can advise the right level of cover to protect your business in the event of crime and theft. How exposed are you?

Delay in Start Up (Construction) >

A delay in start up of construction is a real risk that can cost you money. When revenue projections are based on specific start dates, start date delays have a real impact on items such as borrowing costs, contractor payments and project specific personnel costs. Covering this exposure is important to some construction projects depending on your specific risk tolerances.

Working with Austral’s team, you may decide what delays you’re comfortable wearing and what you’re not. Ask us how we can help you understand your risks and cover your exposures.

Product Integrity, Reputation and Recall >

We believe that every company makes it products in good faith. The companies we work with take great pride in their product and service delivery and aim to keep their customers happy by providing exemplary products.

In the event that products do not make the grade, or where your products have been affected by events beyond your control, you need to be sure that your company can act quickly and effectively to replace or compensate for faulty goods where required, and more importantly, protect your corporate reputation.

In the event that your products need to be recalled, your company will experience significant costs that you may not have accounted for.

Knowing and understanding these risks is our job. Austral takes great pride in providing you with the right advice in protecting your business against these risks. Ask us how.

Tax Audit >

A review of your accounts by the Australian Taxation Office can result in considerable expense to your business. This insurance provides protection against this by covering the costs of a tax audit.

Ask our experienced team about this safety net for your company.

Trade Credit >

Trade credit insurance provides protection for your financial transactions or trade risks. Whether it be bad debtors, insolvency of a key client, export restrictions or another unforeseen risk – Austral will work with you to identify all your trade risk exposures and determine how to protect your corporate transactions.

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