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As companies grow, the directors and senior executives face personal exposure to risk and liabilities.

That is why insurers offer corporate liability insurance. It protects key people against claims for legal liability. Directors, officers, top managers, senior personnel – all must be insulated from personal financial responsibility for corporate calamities.

Liability insurance can cover almost all conceivable risks. Some are internal and controllable. Others are not. Either way, the firm’s directors and top managers must be certain they are protected against legal liability. Austral can help you avoid ruinous unwelcome surprises by choosing the most appropriate liability insurance cover.

Construction Liability >

Construction is complex and costly. You must be confident you have the right construction insurance in place to ensure the project runs on time and on budget no matter what.

Construction liability insurance can cover loss, destruction or damage at a construction site. It can cover materials needed for the site while in transit, on site or nearby.

It can cover liabilities for injury to anyone. It can cover damage to any third party property arising from the construction or maintenance operations. In short, it can cover almost all contingencies.

Every project and contract is unique. It is essential to have the right advice to reassure you the right construction liability insurance in place.

Speak to the Austral team to get expert advice on construction liability insurance for your next project.

Corporate Travel (Personal Liability) >

When people travel on your behalf it is critical they are protected against every eventuality. Normal travel insurance is limited – for example, did you know that cover is not guaranteed for all the countries you may be visiting?

Plus there’s much more to travel risks than lost luggage or delayed flights. Hijacking, hostage situations, pandemics – unfortunately these situations are not rare or exclusive and must be considered.

Our Austral team can guide you on safeguarding your corporate team during their travels – and ensure you have the right corporate travel insurance in place.

Cyber Risk >

Cyber attacks have become a major threat to all companies, large and less so. Reliance on the internet; the complexity of IT systems; cloud technology; personal electronic devices at work and in social media; all offer real threats to a company and the security of its data.

A disturbing study (reported in the Harvard Business Review of September 2014) showed that while 80% of cyber threats are external, the other 20% is accounted for by insiders such as employees, suppliers and others who deal legitimately with your company. Protection against these internal threats is a challenging task.

We work with you to safeguard your company from cyber risk. For instance we develop risk management and education programs for your people so they are forewarned about external and internal cyber risk, its implications and how to manage around it.

We review and recommend suitable cyber risk insurance products designed specifically for such threats. Click here for more information on cyber risk insurance.

Directors' & Officers' Liability >

We all know the increasing risks associated with the D&O – or Directors’ and Officers’ – roles.

D&O liability insurance cover protects you against wrongful acts committed by executives or staff when acting on your behalf.

Sometimes claims are made that are unsubstantiated or can be challenged. D&O liability insurance insulates you from these too.

Austral are specialists in D&O liability insurance. Talk to us about determining the right policy and the right cover for your company.

Employment Practices Liability >

People are the lifeblood of any company. A team on the same path is a formidable force.

However dealing with individual personalities can be difficult. Employment practices liability is critical for those times when things go wrong. Wrongful termination, refusal to employ, failure to promote, demotion, disciplinary action, sexual harassment, discrimination or defamation of an employee are all areas where litigation may be pursued.

You need to be certain you minimise risks in this area and have the right protection in place with your employment practices liability insurance. Speak to us about the key considerations for your company.

Motor Vehicle (Third Party) >

For most company fleets we suggest comprehensive motor vehicle insurance covering damage to the fleet as well as third party property damage and public liability. It is not always as simple as it sounds. Austral can help you get it right because we are specialists in fleet and transport insurance. Speak to us about how we can help deliver for your business.

Professional Indemnity >

Professional indemnity insurance protects individuals, managers, consultants and others should their corporate actions or advice result in loss to another party. Errors, negligence, omissions or other concerns can all be covered. Austral tailors the relevant cover for you.

Click here for more information on Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Public and Products Liability >

Public and products liability insurance is critical for every corporate entity. It covers a company’s legal liability for compensation to other parties in the event of the company causing injury, death – or loss of or damage to property.

Our detailed risk assessments provide a clear picture about the extent of risk exposures in corporate activities. They are an indispensable tool.

Click here for more information on Public and Products Liability Insurance.

Workers’ Compensation (Common Law) >

Companies are about people. And protecting the people working in your company is a non-negotiable responsibility. Austral excels here too. We can help protect against greater risk exposure while saving in the costs of protection.

Talk to our specialist team. We can advise on what you need to know and do with your Workers' Compensation.

Click here for more information our Workers' Compensation offering.

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