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People Risk Insurance

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Looking after the people in your business is a given.

With our increasingly mobile and flexible workforce, employing people comes with wide-ranging issues. Effective travel cover, injury, industrial disease, kidnapping – these are all considerations that need to be addressed in every business, no matter how large or small.

Austral can help you understand your people risk exposures and help you decide on the right cover for your business and the people who work in it. Our advisors are here to help so that you are confident you can support your people when they need it most.

Speak with us today about managing the people risks and insurance in your business.

Corporate Travel >

Understanding all the risks facing your people when they travel is essential to good corporate governance. Protection of your employees shouldn’t stop when they leave the office. That’s why comprehensive corporate travel insurance is a necessity.

Austral can advise the types of corporate travel insurance policies you should have in place for your staff. Whether they’re undertaking lengthy international trips or just going about their sales roles around Australia, let Austral's insurance brokers guide you on looking after your people.

Inbound and Expatriate Medical >

If your employees work for a period outside Australia, your business will need protection in the event of liability claims for workers who are injured, become ill or die during their employment. More often than not, local Workers’ Compensation policies will provide inadequate protection for you or your employees.

Ask Austral about the best inbound and expatriate medical insurance cover to suit your business needs.

Industrial Disease >

Working in unsafe environments hopefully is a thing of the past. With leading international practices for Occupational Health and Safety, Australian workers enjoy excellent working conditions. However sometimes unpredictable events occur that can cause disease. The asbestosis aftermath is warning enough of the enormous impacts industrial diseases can have on a company – both from a financial and reputational point of view.

What type of industrial disease could you have at your workplace? Are your buildings safe from toxins? Are all your systems working correctly to protect your people from industrial disease? Our Austral team let you understand your risks and advise on protective measures.

Journey – Personal Accident >

Travel insurance does not protect your employees on their travels to and from work. The cover needed here is journey insurance.

Austral will advise on the correct journey insurance to look after your employees in your company.

Kidnap & Ransom >

As the name suggests, this type of insurance covers your business in the event that your employees or their families are kidnapped or held at ransom. Recent events in Sydney, Paris and elsewhere remind us these dangers can be replicated anywhere and anytime in our modern world.

Talk to Austral about protecting your people.

Personal Accident and Sickness >

OH&S laws mean that our Australian workforce is protected to the highest international standards. However accidents do happen. Protection for accidental death, injury or sickness is available for all personnel at work. Find out what protection your business needs with one of our trained Austral team.

Voluntary Workers >

Do you have a voluntary workforce? Do you realise this workforce is just as entitled to your care and protection as paid employees?

Determine your responsibility for this workforce and we will define the correct protection required. Ask us here.

Workers’ Compensation >

Austral Risk Services are specialists in the care of your people. Workers’ Compensation can be a daunting and complex task for business administrators. It can also be extremely expensive for your business.

Please click here for more information on how Austral can assist with your Workers' Compensation.

Working Directors – Personal Accident >

The Directors of your company are entitled to your care as well. Did you know your Working Directors are not always covered under Workers’ Compensation?

Ask Austral if you need personal accident cover for some of the most important people in your company.

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