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People are unquestionably and unarguably the most important asset of every business.

These people are the owners, directors, managers right down to the operators and their assistants at the coal face – and don’t forget their families and dependants who support and rely on them for financial and emotional support.

Yet almost daily in the media, we learn of respected organisations dealing with unwelcome publicity because of wrong decisions causing loss of life or injury to the very people on whom they rely.

Understand the risks to your people first

The first defence in the protection of your people is a risk management approach - identify and manage the risks or avoid those risks that are in the high range in terms of severity or likelihood. Many risks can be dealt with by better managed business practices supported by appropriate insurance.

Workers Compensation insurance is a compulsory requirement in Australia and in most developed countries. However, there are many circumstances where other insurance solutions will need to be considered.

Consider these real life examples

  • A director or senior executive suffers a serious heart attack while attending to business or on holiday overseas.
  • A staff member is stranded because of an unforeseen set of circumstances – plane cancellations because of a weather event or airport closure for security reasons.
  • A key person in the organisation contracts an incurable medical condition and is unable to ever return to work.

There area broad range of insurance covers available to help address these situations. The most common ones for business are:

Group Risk Insurance

Group Risk Insurance provides financial peace of mind for employees and employers as it protects both parties from loss arising from severe injury, illness or death of an employee.

Expatriate Insurance

Expatriate insurance policies are designed to cover financial and other losses incurred by expatriates while living and working in a country other than their country of employment.

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