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Workers Compensation

Austral Risk Services are specialists in Workers' Compensation in Western Australia and throughout Australia.

Workers’ Compensation can be a daunting and complex task for business administrators. It can also be extremely expensive for your business.

At Austral, we help you find the right solution for your business no matter how many employees you have. Here’s how we can help.

Save you management time

Workers’ Compensation is a specialist area and requires a specialist team. If you get it wrong, your company pays in premiums and claims.

Austral can act as you external Workers’ Compensation team to ensure you have the right protection in place for your company. This will save you time and offer your company peace of mind.

Save on your premiums

Austral works with you to reduce your Workers Compensation costs in several ways, bearing in mind the hidden costs of employee injury beyond the cost of premium.

We work with our clients to reduce risk and improve safety in conjunction with Insurers and key service providers appropriate to your business. We have the knowledge to benchmark your premium expenditure against your competitors and against the industry standard.

As your insurance broker, we negotiate with all market leading insurers to ensure you have the most competitive premium options available to you.

Offer faster claims

Our claims management team is dedicated to ensuring claims are handled efficiently, quickly and easily for you and your employees. We like to make this process simple for all concerned.

To do this, we assign you a dedicated claims management team who keep you, and your employee, informed at each stage of the claims process.

Be an advocate for your business

Austral acts on behalf of your company for your Workers’ Compensation. We work with the insurers to achieve the best outcomes. We meet regularly with you and the Insurers on all claims, we keep you informed at all times of progress and ensure that the claims are managed as efficiently as possible.

The result? Timely and efficient claims.

Provide comprehensive injury management

The aim with any Workers’ Compensation claim is to get your employee back to work as soon as possible.

An injury management program is designed to achieve this by detailing the steps required to get your employees back at work.

With our risk management team, Austral can assist you in developing an injury management program that is appropriate and right for your business.

Advise on workers safety and health programs

Every State in Australia has unique policies covering Workers’ Compensation. At Austral, it’s our job to guide you through the requirements for your company.

Call us today and let us help you optimally manage your company's Workers' Compensation obligations.


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