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Property and Asset Risks

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Protecting corporate assets is paramount.

In recent times, these assets have become increasingly complex to manage and cover. New technologies, changing environments, increasingly sophisticated thefts and the increasing cost of assets are just some of the considerations for property and asset risks.

Austral will help you identify your risk exposures, develop risk strategies, and then ensure you have competitive coverage for the assets that require insurance.

Following are some of the property and asset risks that are important to consider for your company.

Commercial Hull >

Protection of assets such as ships and vessels is very specific. Insurance cover for loss or damage to the craft is critical. It’s also vital to cover any loss or damage that may occur to others as a result of operating your ships and vessels.

Specific insurances are required for the many types of commercial hull businesses. Commercial crayfishing vessels, tug boats and prospecting aircraft are just a few examples of the types of clients we work with.

Speak to our Austral team to secure the right commercial hull insurance cover for your operations.

Construction >

Construction of a building or asset is complex and can attract many risks. Knowing that your asset is properly protected during the construction and maintenance stages is paramount.

Protect for loss, destruction or damage to the site, and insure all the materials that will be employed on the site. Equally as important is knowing that every person on site is protected if accident or injury occurs.

Austral works with many businesses, large and small, to protect them in developing these specific assets. Determine what is the correct construction insurance cover for your next construction project with one of our experienced Austral team.

Crop >

We salute all farmers and growers who live by the weather, year to year, to produce our crops for Australia. More and more, we’re seeing larger corporate investors moving into the development of crops.

Although we can’t help with the rainfall, we can reduce some of the stress and worry for farming and growing with cover for loss or damage to your crops as a result of things such as hail, storms and fire.

Talk to Austral about the crop insurance cover that is right for you.

Farm and Agriculture Packs >

Livestock, horticulture, dairy, viticulture – you name it. Corporate Australia is investing in huge farming and agricultural operations. It makes sense given Australia’s competitive advantage of pristine, unpolluted landscapes.

Austral works with corporate clients who are specialist growers, leading wine makers and large cattle producers. We also work with many large farmers.

We partner with you to ensure your investment is safe. Farm insurance and agricultural insurance packs can provide a comprehensive range of cover from liability to protection of livestock.

Ask us how we can maximise the resilience of your operations.

General Property >

Austral will advise extra cover for your company that will cover damage or loss to specified property that is not covered in your property policy. Laptops, tablets, mobile phones and tools are all good examples of property that when lost, damaged or stolen, may become a considerable expense to a company with many employees.

Identifying and correctly managing these items and obtaining the right insurance cover is important to guard against unnecessary costs.
We work with your corporate team to identify your general property requirements and are here to help. Speak to Austral.

Industrial Special Risks >

This insurance provides property damage and consequential loss cover for medium to larger organisations with diverse operations and commonly larger insurable values. This policy is designed to protect physical assets including buildings, stock, plant and machinery and other property.

Covers available are –

  • Loss of income due to insured property damage
  • Extra expenses in continuing the business following direct property loss and contingent losses.

This policy also encompasses business interruption insurance for the company i.e. the loss of its income-producing abilities.

For more detailed information on Industrial Special Risk Insurance, click here.

Machinery Breakdown >

Sudden and unforeseen mechanical or electrical breakdown of plant and machinery can mean millions of dollars lost.

No matter what your industry, machinery breakdown needs to be protected against so that any business interruption and consequential loss does not leave a massive hole in your balance sheet.

Speak to our corporate team to understand all your corporate risks. We’re here to help you build resilience into your operations.

Marine Insurance >

For all your corporate marine insurance, Austral has you covered.

Loss of ships and loss of goods in transit are a few examples of marine cover. Understanding your responsibilities as shipper, ship owner, charterer, consignee or contractor will give you a thorough understanding of the risks you face. 

Click here for more details about Austral's Marine Insurance and we strongly recommend you speak to one our experienced insurance advisors to get the right advice.

Mobile Plant >

Your company has considerable investment in plant that is mobile. Specialist trucks, bulldozers, mobile crushers and cranes are just a few examples of a highly expensive mobile plant.

Austral help illuminate the risks that surround your mobile plant – some more obvious than others. Once identified, we work with you to protect these critical assets.

Speak to our experienced corporate team about your mobile plant risk and insurance.

Motor Vehicles >

Austral is a specialist in all transport insurance.

Understanding the needs and requirements of your vehicle fleet, we can offer comprehensive and competitive insurance solutions and advice to keep your vehicles on the road and your employees happy. Talk to us about comprehensive cover, replacement vehicles, novated lease cover and more.

Speak to one of our specialist advisors today,

Office Insurance >

Office insurance provides protection for people who operate their business from an office and lets you tailor your cover to suit your individual business.

Build your customised policy from individual insurance covers such as Property, Business Interruption, Money, Glass, Public and Products Liability, General Property and more.

This solution will meet your business needs regardless of the size or type of your business.

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