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Austral Risk Services are very experienced in risk management and event insurance, and even event management -Thom Anderson-Nicholls has had a long career in this industry.

So if you’re the event manager for your company, or your planning any large event or production, we have a solid team to support you.

Understand your risk exposure

Austral provide professional support with a team experienced in event risk management and event insurance to assist you in any aspect of event risk planning and management or to provide an independent audit of risk plans already in place.

During the planning phase of your event, we can help you consider the potential risks – many of which unfortunately cannot be insured. By identifying these risks, especially those that might have a significant impact, you are then able to develop strategies that can reduce both the likelihood and impact of the risk occurring. This approach also allows you to prepare a response in the case of an emergency arising.

We are increasingly seeing sponsors, Government regulators and other stakeholders are requiring event organisers to confirm that they have risk management plans in place for the event.

Knowing the insurance you need

We have a specialist broker, Thom Anderson-Nicholls, who has worked in the events industry for over 18 years before moving into insurance. Working on events from national stadium tours, outdoor concerts, gala dinners all the way through to small conferences, product launches and parties, Thom and our Austral team know the ins and outs of running an event and the risks you may face.

We assist with public liability for events and reviewing contracts to assist you with meeting your contractual obligations. We only offer policies we know will give you the broadest cover available and will happily review any policies for you to address concerns of cover.

Here are some other specific services for event management that you may like to consider.

Risk assessment >

Eddy Brett provides expert risk analysis advice to the Perth International Arts Festival amongst other large Western Australian events. If you’re running a large, complex event, our experienced team can provide expert knowhow and advice – invaluable when millions of dollars are at stake.

Prize Indemnity >

If you’re offering a prize giveaway at your event, or would like to, Prize Indemnity Insurance or Hole in One insurance is for you. With this insurance you can offer a fantastic prize for a relative small premium. Ask us how.

Cancellation Cover >

Investing in an event can be a substantial commitment, with costs ranging from venue hire to food and beverage and everything in between. In fact the list is huge!

How many of these costs could you recoup if the event gets cancelled? What if your keynote speaker misses a flight? Austral Risk Services can now offer Event Cancellation Insurance and can factor in a wide variety of conditions subject to the type of event you are having.

Speak with us today about your next event on 08 9344 6650. We’d be more than happy to help make it a success - no matter what risks you may face.

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