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15 September 2021
Latest Australian Cyber Report Released
Learn the cost to Australian businesses
The latest Australian Centre for Cyber Security Report shows an increase in cyber crime with a reported cyber incident now occurring every 8 minutes.

Over the 2020–21 financial year, the ACSC received over 67,500 cybercrime reports, an increase of nearly 13 per cent from the previous financial year.

We report the highlights of this report with a specific focus on businesses.

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A management liability policy protects your company and its directors, managers, and officers against claims and costs resulting from mistakes management makes. It focuses on breaches of their responsibilities under the Corporations Act.

The kind of companies that need management liability insurance are typically businesses with employees or that operate in a regulatory environment.

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11 August 2021
How management liability insurance gives your business more power
Protection for your company and its people
11 August 2021
What does a hard insurance market mean for your business
Business Insurance
The insurance market is a ‘hard’ or sellers’ market right now. So, what does that mean, and what’s the likely impact on your business?

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Product liability insurance is necessary to protect your business from the risk of your products causing a third party to suffer a personal injury or property damage.

Learn the ins and outs of product liability insurance here.

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04 August 2021
The most infamous product liability cases from around the globe
Business insurance
21 July 2021
Growing your Business Insurance
Protecting your business as it grows
Now that Australia seems to have steered out of a short-term pandemic recession, a strong economy is the flavour of the moment. More than eight in 10 Australian CEOs expect organic business growth this year, according to a PwC survey.

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Australia has experienced its third catastrophic event in 2021 with Tropical Cyclone Seroja. As these events seemingly become more commonplace, it's good to know what you need to do from an insurance perspective if an event like this affects you and your business. Here's a handy checklist form the Insurance Council of Australia.

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21 April 2021
Claiming insurance for a catastrophic event
What to do after a cyclone hits
17 February 2021
SME Insurance
Risk and insurance for your new business
Some new businesses underinsure, or shirk insurance altogether, but managing your risk profile is a top priority. Managing your business risk and having the right business insurance in place can be key to your small business survival.

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As Western Australians were coping with a COVID lock down, another major threat emerged with the horrific bushfires in our foothills.

We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to all the people who have been directly affected by these fires and for the 83 families who have lost their homes.

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05 February 2021
COVID and WA Bushfires
What a week
16 December 2020
Summer Safety
Keep your employees safe this summer
This time last year, many Australians were facing extreme heat and bushfires. Summer heat brings about different risks for you and your employees.

Safe Work Australia reported that over the past 10 years, 1,774 workers’ compensation claims resulted from people working in heat.

How can you keep your employees safe this summer?

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In 2018, $215.2 million was paid for 3,655 lost time compensation claims due to a workplace fall – just in Western Australia.

A fall can have a significant impact on the individual’s emotional, physical and financial wellbeing. Here are some facts and prevention ideas.

Find out ways to prevent falls in your workplace.

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22 October 2020
WA Fall Report for 2020
Workers Compensation
13 October 2020
People Risk Specialists
How Austral helps you manage Workers Compensation
Workers’ Compensation can be complex. Our team is here to help your business navigate the complexities and work towards a fair and equitable outcome for all.

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The concerns about Tik Tok's client data security is also relevant to your business - how secure is your client data?

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12 October 2020
How Tik Tok data security is relevant to your business
Cyber Risk
24 September 2020
Why the pressure on premiums
Managing Management Liability and D&O premiums
It is an increasingly litigious world and as a result Management Liability (Directors and Officers Liability), insurance premiums are increasing, excesses are increasing and terms becoming more restrictive overall.

In this article we discuss the pressure on premiums and what businesses can do to over come this.

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COVID-19 has thrown employers a mountain of challenges and changes. One change that has happened and may be here to stay for some businesses is Working From Home (WFH).

This article reviews the implications for Workers Compensation for WFH.

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17 September 2020
Working From Home Challenges
Workers Compensation
09 September 2020
SME Business Insurance
Making sure you have the right business insurance
Over 98% of all Australian businesses would be classified as small business. They really are the backbone of Australia.

In our experience, we find that many small businesses do not have the right insurance cover in place to protect their business.

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