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Austral / TIC Insures Shofer Success

Austral / TIC Insures Shofer Success

By Tracy Jardine

Austral’s wholly owned subsidiary, Transport Insurance Consultants (TIC) has helped the new driver app, SHOFER, launch into Australia with the insurance of its technologically advanced fleet business

SHOFER’s vehicles offer a number of innovative safety features, all managed from its 24/7 monitoring hub like security cameras, in-vehicle breathalysers, passenger panic buttons and vehicle speed control.

 Jon Steward, Austral and TIC's Business Development Manager says the current SHOFER fleet consisted of over 80 vehicles in Perth and was an excellent example of the changing face of vehicle insurance.

 “This vehicle fleet is a game changer from an insurance perspective as every car has many technological features which increase the safety of the driver and the passenger”.

 “Our insurers took all the relevant safety aspects into consideration and, as a result, provided very competitive insurance.”

Technological innovation that reduces human error such as driverless cars, and the measures taken by SHOFER’s fleet, has the potential to prevent accidents and ultimately save lives.

 “We think it won’t be too long before real time fleet data will be available to underwriters so they can make informed decisions about vehicle risk for each business. This will positively impact vehicle insurance ."


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