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    • The Rio Olympics and Risk
      The Olympics are just days away and we're all excited. Eddy discusses the risks faced by the IOC and everyone travelling to Rio.… read more
    • Brexit and Insurance – How will it affect Australian policyholders?
      What does Brexit mean for your business insurance? Here's some insight from Eddy Brett.… read more
    • Cyber Risk Update
      Cyber risk is a serious threat for every business. Eddy provides you with the latest information to keep you up to date.… read more
    • Meet Our Insurance Broking Support Team
      Our business insurance broking support team are the backbone of our company.… read more
    • Austral / TIC Insures Shofer Success
      Austral's wholly owned subsidiary, Transport Insurance Consultants (TIC), helped the new driver App Shofer launch into Australia.… read more
    • How Do Natural Disasters Affect Premiums?
      Is it just us, or does the world seem to be getting more than its fair share of natural disasters lately?… read more
    • Workers Compensation: The Cost of Non Compliance
      We all know Workers Compensation is a must in business. Here we spell out the risks of non compliance.… read more
    • How To Get The Best Advice From Your Business Insurance Broker
      We asked our insurance broking team, from a client's perspective, how you get the best business insurance advice? This is what they had to say.… read more
    • Business Insurance: Which Insurances Must You Have?
      Some insurance types are a requirement by law. Others just make good business sense. Here is the list of business insurance that most businesses need in place.… read more
    • Business Insurance: What Are Your Risks?
      Whether you’re running a multi-national company, a large national freight business or a small retail shop, you need to have your house in order with your business insurance otherwise all your hard work is at risk.… read more
    • Business Risk: Managing Your Reputation Risk
      What's the most important risk to business? Ask the senior management of any business, large or small, and we've found that more often than not, their major concern is reputation risk. Find out why this risk matters so much and what your business can do about it.… read more
    • Does Managing Business Risk Really Protect Your Business?
      Eddy Brett, Austral Risk Services' Risk Consultant, addresses why risk management is fundamental to business security and success.… read more
    • Minimising your Ageing Workforce Risk
      Learn how to manage this growing risk facing Australian business at our seminar on February 18, 2016 from 4pm to 6pm. In this important seminar, Andrew Kikeros, WA's expert in ageing workforce risk, will address this issue and how it can potentially impact your business.… read more
    • Business Risk - The Zika Virus - Can It Affect My Business?
      If you have people working in, or travelling to and from South and Central American countries, SE Asia or some Pacific Islands, there is some risk of being bitten and infected by a certain type of mosquito which carries the virus. The risk increases significantly for women who are pregnant or who may fall pregnant while exposed due to the as yet unconfirmed but suspected connection to birth defects in their babies. Here's what you need to know.… read more
    • WA Bush Fires - Appeals Info
      Our team at Austral sends thoughts, prayers and support for the people affected by the catastrophic bush fires in the South West. Find out where you can donate here.… read more


    • Austral Celebrating 25 years Serving Australian Business
      Austral Risk Services is celebrating 25 years as leading business insurance brokers and risk advisors in Western Australia.… read more
    • VTech Data Breach Shows How Vulnerable Customers Are
      As a business, you have a duty of care to your clients. Especially when those clients give you very sensitive personal information like the names of their children and where they live.… read more
    • Austral Welcome TDH Insurance Services Clients Into Its Fold
      On July, 2015 TDH Insurance Services Pty Ltd merged with Austral Risk Services and welcomed TDH’s new clients on board.… read more
    • Business Insurance Broker Tips: Choosing Your Insurance Underwriter
      The importance of selecting the most appropriate Insurance Underwriter for your risks and exposures is paramount for your business insurance. Here are 8 tips from Austral.… read more
    • Business Insurance: Why use an insurance broker?
      We're often asked about the benefits of using an insurance broker. This is a great little video explaining some of the advantages for your business.… read more
    • Business Insurance: Business Interruption Insurance Explained
      We're often asked about the benefits of using an insurance broker. This is a great little video explaining some of the advantages for your business.… read more
    • Australian Cyber Threat Update
      A new report has been released on Australian cyber risks and how these threats will continue to grow unless organisations take responsibility for the security of information.… read more
    • The Top 4 Risks of Your Ageing Workforce
      Have you ever stopped to consider the risks that your ageing workforce means for your business? We take a look at some of the key isssues you should know about.… read more
    • Managing Risk in a Volatile Business Environment
      How do you manage your risk in such a volatile market? Here are some overarching ideas to think about.… read more
    • How to Take Charge of Your Risk Management
      The management of risk data and information is key to the success of any risk management effort however it can be complex and costly. Here's how to take charge of the process.… read more
    • Business Insurance - 3 simple steps to build strength and resilience into your SME
      When running a business, large or small, we’ve identified 3 easy steps to feeling secure in the knowledge that you have the right business insurance in place.… read more
    • Workers’ Compensation savings for WA Business
      WorkCover WA announcement means possible savings in Workers' Compensation premiums for WA business - are you eligible?… read more
    • The frightening cost of the Germanwings plane disaster
      The Germanwings crash is going to cost the insurance companies a pretty penny. The loss of innocent lives has also raised many critical questions and has started debates about the importance of risk management.… read more
    • Events - A risk to business?
      Do you really know the cost of running a business event? What happens when things go wrong? Can you reduce your risks and cost outlays?… read more
    • Business interruption following the Lindt Café siege in Sydney
      Our world has changed. With events like the dramatic and tragic armed siege of a Sydney cafe causing the evacuation of thousands of workers, business interruption policies are likely to be vital for some businesses to recover losses.… read more
    • Cyber risk - what you need to know
      Cyber risk is under appreciated by small and large business yet we're all at risk. Find out what you need to be thinking about to protect your business.… read more
    • It snowed books last Christmas at Austral
      Austral undertook its first book drive for children at Foundation Housing - and we created a library!… read more


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