SME Business Insurance

SME Business Insurance

09 September 2020

We all know small businesses are critical to Australia but do you really know just how critical they are?

According to the ASBFEO, 98% of all Australian businesses are small businesses with less than 20 employees. What’s more, they accounted for 33 per cent of Australia’s GDP, employed over 40 per cent of Australia’s workforce, and payed around 12 per cent of total company tax revenue.

Our role is to help you protect your small business. Unfortunately, we can’t protect for COVID-19 but we can make sure you’re resilient against the majority of risks. We asked Jon Steward, Account Executive, what are the key issues he comes across when dealing with small businesses.

“When speaking with small business owners, the first thing I do is aim to understand their business and determine the insurance cover they have. In many cases, I find they are over-insured and paying too much for insurance cover, or they are under insured and are at risk if anything goes wrong. Both of these scenarios are not good for any business owner.

“Our role is to protect our clients’ businesses by having the right insurance cover in place at the best price, and ensuring any claims are expertly managed in favour of our clients,” says Jon.

Austral can help with small business insurance packs or tailored insurance solutions with flexible payment options to help manage cashflow. We have been supporting small businesses throughout Australia for 30 years. Please contact us here, if you’d like to speak with one of our experienced insurance brokers.