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12 October 2020
How Tik Tok data security is relevant to your business
Cyber Risk
The concerns about Tik Tok's client data security is also relevant to your business - how secure is your client data?

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It is an increasingly litigious world and as a result Management Liability (Directors and Officers Liability), insurance premiums are increasing, excesses are increasing and terms becoming more restrictive overall.

In this article we discuss the pressure on premiums and what businesses can do to over come this.

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24 September 2020
Why the pressure on premiums
Managing Management Liability and D&O premiums
17 September 2020
Working From Home Challenges
Workers Compensation
COVID-19 has thrown employers a mountain of challenges and changes. One change that has happened and may be here to stay for some businesses is Working From Home (WFH).

This article reviews the implications for Workers Compensation for WFH.

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Over 98% of all Australian businesses would be classified as small business. They really are the backbone of Australia.

In our experience, we find that many small businesses do not have the right insurance cover in place to protect their business.

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09 September 2020
SME Business Insurance
Making sure you have the right business insurance
12 August 2020
A Global Insurance Hard Market
How this impacts your business insurance
Recent natural disasters and the unprecedented pressures resulting from COVID-19 have resulted in the global insurance market currently experiencing a Hard Market.

What does this mean for your business.

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Insurers place estimates on Workers Compensation claims based on the information made available to them. In this article, Austral explains what information is needed to make and expedite a claim.

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30 June 2020
Workers Compensation - How to Make a Claim
What we need to expedite your claim
05 February 2019
Business Insurance: Which Insurances Must You Have?
Our business is protecting yours
Some insurance types are a requirement by law. Others just make good business sense. Here is the list of business insurance that most businesses need in place.

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We asked our insurance broking team, from a client's perspective, how you get the best business insurance advice? This is what they had to say.

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05 November 2018
How To Get The Best Advice From Your Business Insurance Broker
Business Insurance
08 January 2018
Business Insurance: What Are Your Risks?
Understand your business risks
Whether you’re running a multi-national company, a large national freight business or a small retail shop, you need to have your house in order with your business insurance otherwise all your hard work is at risk.

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NIBA, the National Insurance Brokers Association, explains what business interruption insurance is and how it differs from the other insurances you may have in place for your business. This is a great little overview and worth a watch.

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07 November 2016
Business Insurance: Business Interruption Insurance Explained
An explanation by NIBA
16 May 2016
How Do Natural Disasters Affect Premiums?
We look at the impact in your insurance
Is it just us, or does the world seem to be getting more than its fair share of natural disasters lately?

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We're often asked about the benefits of using an insurance broker. This is a great little video explaining some of the advantages for your business.

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05 April 2016
Business Insurance: Why use an insurance broker?
Our business is protecting yours
21 September 2015
Business Insurance Broker Tips: Choosing Your Insurance Underwriter
Business insurance
The importance of selecting the most appropriate Insurance Underwriter for your risks and exposures is paramount for your business insurance. Here are 8 tips from Austral.

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When running a business, large or small, we’ve identified 3 easy steps to feeling secure in the knowledge that you have the right business insurance in place.

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09 June 2015
Business Insurance - 3 simple steps to build strength and resilience into your SME
Our business is protecting yours
28 February 2015
Business interruption following the Lindt Cafe siege in Sydney
Business insurance
With the dramatic and sadly tragic armed siege of a Sydney cafe causing the evacuation of thousands of workers, business interruption policies are likely to be vital for some businesses to recover losses.

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