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28 July 2022
Long COVID and the workplace
An evolving challenge for employers
Long COVID is a new phenomenon to understand in this pandemic. Whilst we’ve all heard reports about it, it’s interesting to review what is known, and if there are any measures we can take as employers to minimise the impact of COVID on our team members.

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If you’ve spent time, energy, and an enormous amount of effort to operate your micro or small business then it makes sense to protect it properly.

A Business Insurance Pack can be a great option for a small business. It allows you to have an affordable and comprehensive insurance program to protect your business from the main business risks faced by smaller business operations.

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28 July 2022
Business Insurance Packs
How we tailor your insurance to your business
28 July 2022
How is climate change impacting insurance?
How is the insurance sector responding?
Insurers around the world are addressing how they can respond to climate change. They aim to be a part of the answer to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by deciding which businesses to insure and invest in, as well as by working on strategies to support businesses that are impacted by increasingly severe weather events.

Here are a few trends.

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On Friday July 22, Managing Director Steve Halbert, had the pleasure of honouring three key people in our Austral team to celebrate their respective 10, 15 and 16 year anniversaries.

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27 July 2022
Austral’s Anniversary Celebrations
For Lee Little, Ron Elliott and Tracy Jardine
23 June 2022
How To Make Your Manufacturing Business Safer for Everyone
WHS and People Risk Management
The Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy has called on the manufacturing sector to reduce its rates of fatalities and serious claims.

This is an industry with the eighth-highest fatality rate and second-highest serious claim frequency rate in Australia – more than nine claims per million hours worked in 2019-20.

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Working out which insurance policies you need as a tourism business can be a headache.

There may be many choices for your needs and policy fine print to wade through. We’ve been through a hard insurance market cycle. That’s when insurance companies’ profitability and losses can restrict their offerings to you and bump up premiums.

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20 June 2022
5 Essential Ways to Protect your Tourism Business
Tourism Business Insurance
15 June 2022
Are You Doing These Things To Save on Tradie Insurance?
Simple steps to help you save
When's the last time you reviewed your insurance policies to make sure you've got the appropriate cover and are saving as much as possible? Here are some prompts to get you on the right track, and it's not just about going for the lowest quote.

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Your construction site could face an extra suite of hazards with the onset of winter. Here's how to identify and deal with them promptly.

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09 June 2022
Minimise the Winter Hazards on Your Construction Site
Keep Your Team Safe This Winter
01 June 2022
About To Sign a Commercial Lease?
Check Out These Tips
Landlords' offers of rent reductions, rent-free periods, or fit-out contributions are handy sweeteners for SMEs looking to sign commercial leases. But these may be waning, with SMEs looking to lease 300sqm the lease most in demand across many sectors.

Ensure your business follows these due diligence tips before signing a lease in this fluid environment.

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The end of each financial year (EOFY) can provoke mixed feelings in small and medium sized business owners.

But, no matter how we feel about it, the EOFY paperwork has to be done, and preparation is key to a (fairly) painless process.

Completing a few key steps before the 30 June cut off will help make life easier for the whole year, and guarantee that your business’s bottom line will continue to thrive.

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30 May 2022
How Early EOFY Prep Can Save Your Business Money and Time
Tax Time? No Problem. Get Prepared for EOFY
25 May 2022
Are you Doing These Things to Improve Fleet Management?
Control These Aspects of your Fleet
Fleet managers have had a rough ride over the past couple of years. Supply chain issues have delayed parts deliveries and increased wait times for new vehicles. Globally,125M vehicles that were scheduled to be built since January haven't rolled off production lines, says the Australasian Fleet Managers' Association.

However, there's still plenty that fleet managers can control – the safety and integrity of their fleet - as these tips reveal.

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The difference between insuring your work vehicle(s) under personal or commercial cover may not appear much, but the deeper you look, the more they diverge.

Here’s why it’s important to know what distinguishes these policies. This will help you secure the correct cover to protect your assets.

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17 May 2022
Using Commercial Vehicles? What You Need to Know About Insurance
Commercial Vehicle Insurance
10 May 2022
Employing a Contractor? Here's What You Need to Know
Employee vs. Independent Contractor
The difference between an independent contractor and an employee is important as it affects obligations, liability, workers' comp and more.

Learn how to determine if you have an employee or contractor.

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Digital transformation through artificial intelligence, automation, data analytics, and cutting-edge technologies are helping shift Australian manufacturers into the fourth industrial revolution. But the benefits of advanced manufacturing come with more significant risks - especially from cyber risks.

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04 May 2022
Why manufacturers need to do more about cybersecurity
Cyber Risk and Cyber Insurance
04 May 2022
Have You Got the Right Insurance Cover to Match your Business Growth?
Business Insurance
Businesses are constantly changing and growing, so if your business is enjoying a growth spurt, congratulations.

But a changing business climate often means new insurance requirements.

Here’s what you need to do about your insurance cover to ensure your business has adequate ongoing protection. This will help reduce your risks of being over or underinsured.

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