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25 May 2022
Are you Doing These Things to Improve Fleet Management?
Control These Aspects of your Fleet
Fleet managers have had a rough ride over the past couple of years. Supply chain issues have delayed parts deliveries and increased wait times for new vehicles. Globally,125M vehicles that were scheduled to be built since January haven't rolled off production lines, says the Australasian Fleet Managers' Association.

However, there's still plenty that fleet managers can control – the safety and integrity of their fleet - as these tips reveal.

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Barry Nilsson Lawyers have prepared the following information on the Work Health & Safety Act in Western Australia for WHS Total Solutions, the wholly owned subsidiary of Austral Risk Services.

We asked them to provide information around industrial manslaughter, penalties and insurance with Western Australia's new WHS Act.

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17 March 2022
People Risk - WA's WHS Act
The legal implications for Employers or PCBUs
22 February 2022
Stopping Tool Theft in Your Business
Tradie Insurance
As a tradie, you know trying to operate without the tools of your trade is impossible.

While you may already have an excellent security system in place, it's easy to let things slip and not implement the latest technology and updates in theft prevention.

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State and national borders have progressively opened since 1 November. But it’s a new world order for corporate travel. That includes transient travel and trips for meetings, incentives, and conferences. What's the best way to navigate corporate travel in 2022?

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24 January 2022
Travelling for business?
Here’s what you need to know in the pandemic
20 January 2022
COVID Impact
The effect of COVID on insurance claims
It’s now two years since the COVID-19 virus appeared and we’ve now got some solid trend data about its impact on accidents and insurance claims.

There’s been an increase in workers’ compensation and business interruption claims as well as catastrophe insurance, but a dip in general insurance claims. That’s partly due to government-imposed lockdowns, physical distancing, economic uncertainty and disruption to our lifestyles.

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Australia has had more than its usual share of natural disasters in 2021. Sudden events such as floods, fires, earthquakes, cyclones, and hailstorms have been prevalent.

But what you think of as a disaster might not be the same in the insurance sector.

When the Insurance Council of Australia declares a catastrophe, it escalates and prioritises the insurance industry's response to support policyholders impacted by the disaster in question.

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03 January 2022
Reflecting on Australia’s natural disasters of 2021
What does a catastrophe mean for insurers
21 December 2021
Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
ARS Business Book Club
At Austral Risk Services, we love books. In 2022, we're launching our Business Book Club for clients and our Austral community. Our first book for discussion is the classic Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Please feel free to contact us if you're interested in taking part.

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Austral Risk Services team is supporting Cans for Christmas run by Rotary for Foodbank WA. Last year this initiative resulted around 10,000 meals for people in need in WA.

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02 December 2021
Cans for Christmas
Supporting Rotary and Foodbank WA
13 November 2021
Recognised for Excellence
Excellence Awardees for Insurance Awards 2021
Austral Risk Services have been recognised as Excellence Awardees (or finalists) in two categories of the Insurance Business Australia Awards 2021 - Brokerage of the Year (6-20 staff) and Best Customer Service from an Individual Office.

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Rotary has been working to eradicate polio for more than 35 years. Its goal of ridding the world of this disease is closer than ever. As Rotarians, Steve Halbert and Jon Steward would like to encourage you to help eradicate this disease for good.

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21 October 2021
Support World Polio Day October 24 2021
Let’s end polio for good
05 February 2021
COVID and WA Bushfires
What a week
As Western Australians were coping with a COVID lock down, another major threat emerged with the horrific bushfires in our foothills.

We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to all the people who have been directly affected by these fires and for the 83 families who have lost their homes.

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This time last year, many Australians were facing extreme heat and bushfires. Summer heat brings about different risks for you and your employees.

Safe Work Australia reported that over the past 10 years, 1,774 workers’ compensation claims resulted from people working in heat.

How can you keep your employees safe this summer?

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16 December 2020
Summer Safety
Keep your employees safe this summer
09 September 2020
SME Business Insurance
Making sure you have the right business insurance
Over 98% of all Australian businesses would be classified as small business. They really are the backbone of Australia.

In our experience, we find that many small businesses do not have the right insurance cover in place to protect their business.

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Austral Risk Services, is very pleased to announce the appointment of Ted Hicks as our new Chairman.

Ted brings over 60 years’ experience in insurance broking and underwriting to our risk management and insurance broking team.

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26 July 2020
Ted Hicks appointed Chairman for Austral Risk Services
A business update from Austral
01 July 2020
Cyber Risk - A serious threat to your business
Here are some actions you can take now
Cyber attacks are a real threat to businesses and organisations of all sizes and can cost you millions.

We urge you to take the time to understand the risk to your business and how you can be proactive in managing cyber risk.In this article, we discuss the threat and provide some useful links to resources and information to help you manage cyber risk.

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