Austral Celebrating 25 years Serving Australian Business

Austral Celebrating 25 years Serving Australian Business

04 December 2015

Austral Risk Services is celebrating 25 years as leading business insurance brokers and risk advisors in Western Australia.

 Steve Halbert, Managing Director, says, “I am extremely proud of our company and all of our employees.  We have a very tight-knit team and a very loyal client base and it’s great to be able to celebrate this very special milestone with them.”

 We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our great clients for their loyalty and support over the past 25 years.”

A Little Austral History

 In 2003, Steve Halbert was getting itchy feet.  He’d worked for some of the largest insurance companies in Australia yet he wanted to control his own destiny and run a business with the customer service focus, culture and values that he felt were right and believed were lacking in larger companies.

 In 2004, an opportunity presented itself with a small insurance broking firm that had started its life in 1990. This firm was not performing to its full potential ever since the sudden death of its founding partner. Steve thought he could help make things right again – and became a partner in the business. The company was renamed Austral Risk Services.

 Steve says: “Austral provided the vehicle to execute ideas that I’d had for some time.  I wanted to get back to building personal relationships with clients and not build a company that was restricted by corporate principles but was based on people.  I wanted to build a business with a real customer focus.”

 Steve’s role was to grow the business.  He’s done just that.  Austral has grown four-fold in staffing, clients and turnover in the past 10 years.  Austral is now a highly profitable and healthy company.

Customer Focus And Respect

Austral’s driving values of being 100% customer focused and respect have worked.

“In our competitive market, we know that relationships and respect are paramount to our clients. Time and time again, we have proven that our knowledge, experience and relationships are a critical determinant for our clients – plus we achieve great outcomes for them.

“I’m so proud of our team – we have a great team of like-minded people and have an excellent culture built on respect and integrity to our clients and to each other.”

A Risk Approach To Insurance

Austral also has a keen focus on risk management.

The company was the first insurance broker in Perth to recognise the role of risk management in addition to insurance broking in the effective management of all risks for its clients regardless of their size.

“My vision for the company is that we will continue to grow and become a national operation while still maintaining our unique culture and values. We aim to grow with our clients and continue to provide the level of service and support that we know is important to them,” says Steve.

The future looks very bright indeed.