Events - A risk to business?

Events - A risk to business?

31 March 2015

Hosting events, both large and small, attracts a range of risks and stresses. What happens if things go wrong? Are you responsible if someone gets hurt? What happens if the event has to be cancelled at short notice?

Austral have two highly experienced individuals who can help you understand your risks and also advise on the right insurances which can greatly reduce your risk exposure. Read more here...

Eddy Brett has worked for many years with Perth International Arts Festival and helps them understand their risk exposure - which given the size and scale of some of the performances, you could appreciate are quite challenging.

During the planning phase for an event, it is essential that the potential risks be considered – many of which are not able to be insured. By identifying risks, especially those which might have a significant impact, you are then able to develop strategies that can reduce both the likelihood and impact of the risk occurring. More often, sponsors, Government regulators and other stakeholders are requiring event organisers to confirm that they have risk management plans in place for the event.

Austral Risk Services can provide professional support with a team experienced in event risk management to assist you in any aspect of event risk planning and management or to provide an independent audit of risk plans already in place.

We also have Thom Anderson-Nicholls on our team. Before joining the insurance industry, Thom had already earned his stripes as a successful Production Manager. He’s delivered on events all the way from from the Big Day Out, Cold Chisel and Andre Rieu right down to boutique VIP product launches and AFL lunches. He knows the ins and outs of insurance for events.

Thom can also help you understand your risks, and perhaps approach your event in a better way. For example, did you know that there is a way to offer event prizes that needn’t put you of pocket? Or are you concerned that the weather or other factors beyond your control might jeopardise your event? Or perhaps you think you just need Public Liability insurance for a one day event but would like to be confident that that's all you require? Thom's here to help you answer these questions.

So when you're planning your next event, call Eddy and Thom. They'll be sure to provide invaluable advice for you and your team.