Australian Cyber Threat Update

Australian Cyber Threat Update

21 August 2015

Earlier this year we asked you how exposed your business was to the risk of illegal cyber activity?

According to a Cyber Threat report recently released by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), the possibility of financial loss, reputation damage or disruption of business caused by illegal cyber activity is not going to reduce unless organisations take greater responsibility for the security of their information.

The ACSC brings together the cyber security capabilities of 6 Government Agencies and this report provides valuable information about the current threat environment, activity targeting Australian networks and key cyber security alerts.

The report stresses that the cyber threat to Australian business is unrelenting and continuing to grow. It contains mitigation and remediation information to assist business to prevent and respond to cyber threats.

Almost all commercial organisations rely on the internet to support their activities or to deliver products and services. There are in excess of 12 million internet subscribers in Australia and even more subscribers to mobile services with internet connection. Every one of these subscribers is vulnerable to cyber threats. There are many security incidents reported in the public domain but these are the tip of the iceberg.

The report also contains information designed to assist in the achievement of improved cyber security and is recommended as required reading to provide a better understanding of the current threat environment.