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28 July 2022
Long COVID and the workplace
An evolving challenge for employers
Long COVID is a new phenomenon to understand in this pandemic. Whilst we’ve all heard reports about it, it’s interesting to review what is known, and if there are any measures we can take as employers to minimise the impact of COVID on our team members.

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If you’ve spent time, energy, and an enormous amount of effort to operate your micro or small business then it makes sense to protect it properly.

A Business Insurance Pack can be a great option for a small business. It allows you to have an affordable and comprehensive insurance program to protect your business from the main business risks faced by smaller business operations.

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28 July 2022
Business Insurance Packs
How we tailor your insurance to your business
28 July 2022
How is climate change impacting insurance?
How is the insurance sector responding?
Insurers around the world are addressing how they can respond to climate change. They aim to be a part of the answer to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by deciding which businesses to insure and invest in, as well as by working on strategies to support businesses that are impacted by increasingly severe weather events.

Here are a few trends.

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Your construction site could face an extra suite of hazards with the onset of winter. Here's how to identify and deal with them promptly.

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09 June 2022
Minimise the Winter Hazards on Your Construction Site
Keep Your Team Safe This Winter
25 May 2022
Are you Doing These Things to Improve Fleet Management?
Control These Aspects of your Fleet
Fleet managers have had a rough ride over the past couple of years. Supply chain issues have delayed parts deliveries and increased wait times for new vehicles. Globally,125M vehicles that were scheduled to be built since January haven't rolled off production lines, says the Australasian Fleet Managers' Association.

However, there's still plenty that fleet managers can control – the safety and integrity of their fleet - as these tips reveal.

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Businesses are constantly changing and growing, so if your business is enjoying a growth spurt, congratulations.

But a changing business climate often means new insurance requirements.

Here’s what you need to do about your insurance cover to ensure your business has adequate ongoing protection. This will help reduce your risks of being over or underinsured.

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04 May 2022
Have You Got the Right Insurance Cover to Match your Business Growth?
Business Insurance
01 April 2022
What You Need to Know about Working with Contractors
What are the risks?
Flexibility is the main reason Australian businesses hire contractors. However hiring and managing contractors opens up a new suite of risks for your business. Here are some of the risks you need to consider.

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Russia's invasion of Ukraine is set to have severe repercussions in Australia. Businesses are now at a higher risk of cyber attacks, increased commodity prices for imports and exports, inflation and pricier insurance premiums as a result of the attack.

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25 March 2022
The War in Ukraine
How the war impacts your business insurance
22 February 2022
Stopping Tool Theft in Your Business
Tradie Insurance
As a tradie, you know trying to operate without the tools of your trade is impossible.

While you may already have an excellent security system in place, it's easy to let things slip and not implement the latest technology and updates in theft prevention.

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State and national borders have progressively opened since 1 November. But it’s a new world order for corporate travel. That includes transient travel and trips for meetings, incentives, and conferences. What's the best way to navigate corporate travel in 2022?

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24 January 2022
Travelling for business?
Here’s what you need to know in the pandemic
03 January 2022
Reflecting on Australia’s natural disasters of 2021
What does a catastrophe mean for insurers
Australia has had more than its usual share of natural disasters in 2021. Sudden events such as floods, fires, earthquakes, cyclones, and hailstorms have been prevalent.

But what you think of as a disaster might not be the same in the insurance sector.

When the Insurance Council of Australia declares a catastrophe, it escalates and prioritises the insurance industry's response to support policyholders impacted by the disaster in question.

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Austral Risk Services have been recognised as Excellence Awardees (or finalists) in two categories of the Insurance Business Australia Awards 2021 - Brokerage of the Year (6-20 staff) and Best Customer Service from an Individual Office.

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13 November 2021
Recognised for Excellence
Excellence Awardees for Insurance Awards 2021
21 July 2021
Growing your Business Insurance
Protecting your business as it grows
Now that Australia seems to have steered out of a short-term pandemic recession, a strong economy is the flavour of the moment. More than eight in 10 Australian CEOs expect organic business growth this year, according to a PwC survey.

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Australia has experienced its third catastrophic event in 2021 with Tropical Cyclone Seroja. As these events seemingly become more commonplace, it's good to know what you need to do from an insurance perspective if an event like this affects you and your business. Here's a handy checklist form the Insurance Council of Australia.

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21 April 2021
Claiming insurance for a catastrophic event
What to do after a cyclone hits
12 August 2020
A Global Insurance Hard Market
How this impacts your business insurance
Recent natural disasters and the unprecedented pressures resulting from COVID-19 have resulted in the global insurance market currently experiencing a Hard Market.

What does this mean for your business.

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