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13 November 2021
Recognised for Excellence
Excellence Awardees for Insurance Awards 2021
Austral Risk Services have been recognised as Excellence Awardees (or finalists) in two categories of the Insurance Business Australia Awards 2021 - Brokerage of the Year (6-20 staff) and Best Customer Service from an Individual Office.

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Now that Australia seems to have steered out of a short-term pandemic recession, a strong economy is the flavour of the moment. More than eight in 10 Australian CEOs expect organic business growth this year, according to a PwC survey.

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21 July 2021
Growing your Business Insurance
Protecting your business as it grows
21 April 2021
Claiming insurance for a catastrophic event
What to do after a cyclone hits
Australia has experienced its third catastrophic event in 2021 with Tropical Cyclone Seroja. As these events seemingly become more commonplace, it's good to know what you need to do from an insurance perspective if an event like this affects you and your business. Here's a handy checklist form the Insurance Council of Australia.

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Recent natural disasters and the unprecedented pressures resulting from COVID-19 have resulted in the global insurance market currently experiencing a Hard Market.

What does this mean for your business.

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12 August 2020
A Global Insurance Hard Market
How this impacts your business insurance
05 February 2019
Business Insurance: Which Insurances Must You Have?
Our business is protecting yours
Some insurance types are a requirement by law. Others just make good business sense. Here is the list of business insurance that most businesses need in place.

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We all know Workers Compensation is a must in business. Here we spell out the risks of non compliance.

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05 February 2018
Workers Compensation: The Cost of Non Compliance
Your responsibility as a business owner
08 January 2018
Business Insurance: What Are Your Risks?
Understand your business risks
Whether you’re running a multi-national company, a large national freight business or a small retail shop, you need to have your house in order with your business insurance otherwise all your hard work is at risk.

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NIBA, the National Insurance Brokers Association, explains what business interruption insurance is and how it differs from the other insurances you may have in place for your business. This is a great little overview and worth a watch.

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07 November 2016
Business Insurance: Business Interruption Insurance Explained
An explanation by NIBA
04 December 2015
Austral Celebrating 25 years Serving Australian Business
Our business is protecting yours
Austral Risk Services is celebrating 25 years as leading business insurance brokers and risk advisors in Western Australia.

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Have you ever stopped to consider the risks that your ageing workforce means for your business? We take a look at some of the key isssues you should know about.

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30 July 2015
The Top 4 Risks of Your Ageing Workforce
What to watch for in your business
09 June 2015
Business Insurance - 3 simple steps to build strength and resilience into your SME
Our business is protecting yours
When running a business, large or small, we’ve identified 3 easy steps to feeling secure in the knowledge that you have the right business insurance in place.

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With the dramatic and sadly tragic armed siege of a Sydney cafe causing the evacuation of thousands of workers, business interruption policies are likely to be vital for some businesses to recover losses.

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28 February 2015
Business interruption following the Lindt Cafe siege in Sydney
Business insurance
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