People Risk Specialists

People Risk Specialists

13 October 2020

Workers’ Compensation can be complex. Our team is here to help your business navigate the complexities and work towards a fair and equitable outcome for all.

Austral Risk Services has the most experienced team in Western Australia for the placement of workers’ compensation insurance and the management of claims. The team manage all facets of People Risk. We also provide support through carefully selected service providers for rehabilitation.

Austral’s team is overseen by Managing Director, Steve Halbert, who has been managing Workers’ Compensation claims since 1986 for all businesses from mining to retail and everything in between. His philosophy is simple - the key to the best possible outcome is to have excellent ongoing communications with employers and claimants. 

Austral’s approach has helped our clients achieve significant savings.

One employer of over 700 employees was experiencing increased frequency and severity of claims. Austral stepped in and changed the approach to the management of claims and changed the placement of the insurance. The net result was that over a period of ten years, Austral has saved this business millions of dollars, and the business remains a client to this day.

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