WA Fall Report for 2020

WA Fall Report for 2020

22 October 2020

Here are some stats to get you thinking.


  • In 2018, $215.2 million was paid for 3,655 lost time compensation claims due to a workplace fall – just in Western Australia.
  • This represented 24% of all workplace injury lost time claims.
  • The average time each employee was away from work was 36 days/shifts.

Source: Injury Matters – Western Australian Falls Report 2020

A fall can have a significant impact on the individual’s emotional, physical and financial wellbeing. As with most workplace injuries, falls are preventable and with a few key strategies in place, every business can reduce the risk.

This worksheet from the Western Australian Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety is an excellent starting point for any business. Click here to download worksheet.

Another factor to consider are the individuals working. It’s important to take a risk management approach to your operations and consider the individuals working in your business to keep them safe from harm. For example the data shows that the majority of falls happen to employees over 60. Simple strategies liking spot the hazard, assess the risk and make the changes – in consultation with staff – can ensure everyone can work safely.

If you would like assistance in developing a risk management plan for your workplace, please contact us here. We’re always here to help.