Cyber Risk Resilience Survey

Cyber Risk Resilience Survey

Determine how resilient your business is to cyber threats


In today's online world, every business is under threat of a cyber attack. It is our role to make you aware that this risk is not an IT risk but a key business risk.

It is critical for businesses of all sizes to protect their organisation from cyber threats. And as a business owner or office holder, it is your responsibility to take all necessary preventative action.

Why we ask that the Director or Executive complete the survey

The Cyber Risk Resilience report is the optimal way to ensure that as a Director or Executive of your business, you are aware of the physical and cyber risks that threaten your business. We ask that you start this process and not your team so you can understand where you stand in regard to that preparedness. The work then undertaken by your team after that initial report will ensure your security is not only at the best level possible but it also satisfies your governance and compliance obligations as a Director/Executive.

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Could a cyber attack shut down your business?

Cyber threats to your business are very real and could happen at any time. Most people think of data when they think of a cyber attack. However what we all really need to think about is our business systems.

What would happen to your business if one of the following scenarios happened?

  • Fake invoices are issued on behalf of your company and your customer pays into a bogus bank account?
  • Your security system is locked and your employees can't enter or exit your premises without you paying a ransom?
  • Your customer data is hacked with private and confidential client information, and the information is put up on a public website?
  • Your manufacturing processes are hacked and your operating systems are down cutting production and putting your employees at risk?
  • Your Outlook is closed down and you lose all your client data, email and appointments?

These situations like have occurred and have affected large and small businesses alike.

Logistics giant Toll Group suffered two major cyber attacks in the first half of 2020.

From late January to early March, the company experienced major disruptions to its operations when Russian based hackers locked its IT systems and sought a ransom. The hackers were unsuccessful with their ransom request however they were successful in causing major disruptions to Toll and the logistics of many major clients including Officeworks and Optus.

In May, they suffered a second major cyber attack where the attackers used a fresh form of ransomware known as Nefilim. The company again declined to pay the ransom however their business systems were once again impacted.

Source: Australian Financial Review

How can Austral help?

Our Cyber Risk program allows clients to address their cyber weaknesses at a holistic level so that Boards, Directors, business owners and senior employees can minimise the risks of potentially significant losses by way of disruption, reputation, fines, penalties and of course, profit.

The first step to addressing cyber threats is to understand your risk exposures. The following survey will help you understand your current cyber risks and developing your action plan. 

What's involved in the survey?

This Cyber Risk Resilience Survey assesses your business risk for cyber threats. It provides a comprehensive report that details immediate actions that your business can take on its own, or with external assistance, to build a greater resilience to cyber threats.

  • Once completed you will receive a cyber risk rating score with specified actions.
  • Your survey can be completed by a number of key people within your organisation so your score offers a true reflection of your cyber risk resilience and is not biased.
  • You will have access to this survey for 12 months so after you have made changes, you can retake the survey and improve your score.

How much does this survey cost?

The survey costs $500 + GST.

This  investment will give you a Cyber Risk Resilience Report which is a comprehensive roadmap to increase your cyber risk resilience in your business across six key areas. 

  • Business Operations Risk
  • Physical Risk
  • Personal Risk
  • Legal Compliance, Risk and Governance Risk
  • Reputation Risk
  • Financial Risk

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