People Risk Management

People Risk Management

Our team are specialists in managing workers compensation and staff or people risks in your business.

Your business is nothing without your people.

Organisations, large and small, depend on people to make things happen. Looking after your people is not only the right thing to do, it’s imperative. Austral Risk Services offers a coordinated range of people risk services and solutions that will help make you an employer of choice, and protect your business.

What is People Insurance?

A key goal in your business should be to keep your people healthy and safe at work, and protect your business when things go wrong. People insurance incorporates workers’ compensation, employee benefits and employment practices liability.

Over the years, we’ve managed to save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary insurances and claims. By having a proper people risk management program in place, we protect your employees and your business.


People Risk Management

People Risk management services

Review and benchmark your business

Austral will review your current arrangements with our independent advisors, R Tozer Consulting. We will determine if your program structure and insurance covers are in line with your requirements. To do this, we review your complete program, insurance and service pricing and benchmark your offering against what competitors are doing in the market.

People Insurance program review

As a part of Austral’s review, we will analyse your current people insurance program, assess future needs and recommend an optimal path forward. With years of experience behind us, and a thorough knowledge of the insurance products that are available to you, this can often mean simplifying or reducing the cover you have and save you money.

People Risk program

A properly structured people risk management program is essential to support a healthy workplace. This incorporates employee health at work and care after an event.

Austral’s highly experienced team will help you develop a comprehensive, tailored program that look after your employees and your business.