Risk Management

Risk Management

Our risk management team help you to understand all the risks your business is exposed to.


Every business takes risks. Risk is essential to the successful growth of an organisation. Understanding how much risk is acceptable is crucial in every business decision.

Unfortunately, business owners cannot be aware of the many risks within their organisation and the effect these could have on the ability to continue trading. This is why your risk management and insurance program is vitally important.

Risk management identifies events - or risks - before they occur to keep the business running and better protect customers, employees and the reputation of your business.

Once you understand your risk, you can develop strategies to reduce or transfer this risk, and insure against unavoidable risk.

Services and solutions

Risk Management


Austral is committed to supporting our clients with a coordinated range of professional risk management services and insurance solutions.


Our primary objective is to support our clients by the development of a formal risk management process incorporating a high level business risk register, a consistent methodology in assessing risk across the business, and a means to manage and monitor risk decisions.

ASX Principle 7 compliance

If your organisation is a listed company, your risk management framework should be compliant with Principle 7 Recognise and Manage Risk.

Austral has identified that many small to mid cap listed entities may have difficulty in implementing risk practices which meet the recommendations. Austral can provide the guidance which will enable you to report positively.

Auditing, evaluation and review of risk programs

The ability to provide an objective and professional assessment of an organisation’s insurance program is one of Austral’s core skills. This evaluation can identify ineffective or costly insurances, or significant exposures in policy wordings.

Business continuity planning

The failure to have documented crisis management, disaster recovery and business continuity planning is an all too common occurrence. Austral has the experience to assist your organisation to develop and implement planning relevant to your activities.

In-house risk management training for Boards and executives

Development of a risk management culture throughout an organisation that is understood and accepted is critical to the success and continuity of successful risk management practices. Austral has the capability of providing in-house or online training programs tailored to your specific needs.

Risk profiling, analysis and evaluation

This is the critical process in the development of an organisation’s risk management framework. We work with you to develop a current risk register and matrix, the basic tools necessary to implement a sustainable risk management process. We do this by working with your senior management to support a consistent view of risk practice across the organisation that is practical and efficient.

Risk management framework

An organisation’s risk management framework documents the policy, processes, accountabilities and tolerance to risk. Austral has the expertise and experience across a broad range of industries to effectively and efficiently work with organisations to assist the development of the risk management process as evidence of good corporate governance.